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Cloud Storage

Access from Anywhere
  • Even if a device is lost/forgotten/broken, all contact information is still retrievable on ranjeR
  • Switch phones without having to re-enter all contacts

One Contact List

The address book that updates itself
  • Update own contact information only
  • Contacts automatically see changed phone numbers, email addresses
  • Easily add a temporary contact point (such as a borrowed phone)

Universal App

Works on all OS Versions
  • Our HTML5 app works on all platforms

SSL Secured

256 bit file encryption
  • Secured browsing on ranjeR

Create Groups

Manage who sees what
  • Choose which information to share or hide from different groups (ie home telephone number not shared with colleagues).


Let people know how to contact you
  • Ability to leave a status message for contacts to see
  • Know where to quickly reach someone (especially in an emergency) without the wasted time of trying multiple contact devices
  • Be unavailable to others.
  • Tells Me how YOU want to be reached
  • And tells YOU how best to reach Me
  • Quick and easy to see availability as green or red lights show if contacts are available and how they prefer to be reached