Unbiased Thinking

So here we are looking at a friend’s new boat when he decides to unscrew a cap at the top of the steering column and look inside. Now I’m not a lifetime boater but when he unscrewed it and looked in, I said “what’s that for, the hydraulic fluid for the steering?”. Now my friend (the non-owner who is a lifetime boater) said “How did you know that?”. He apparently didn’t and had never seen one before. I said “I don’t know, I just knew”. Now I thought about it for awhile and for the life of me, couldn’t remember where I had seen one or why I knew what it was. But I just knew. Then it hit me like a sack of wet noodles (well, something hit me and it felt like wet noodles). I didn’t know what it was until I saw it at that moment.

But as soon as I saw it, I knew. You see, if you limit yourself to thinking about what you do know based on your experiences you’ve had and the ones you’ve been told you’ve had, you’ll box yourself in (there’s that silly box again, but this time with walls). But if you just let your mind constantly wander, always thinking the unthinkable, always imagining the unimaginable and always seeing the un-seeable, you’ll eventually become initiated. Initiated into the world of possibilities and endless boundaries.

So you may be asking yourself where’s the ranjeR insight this time. Well, it’s fairly simple. You haven’t seen it yet. You have no idea what’s coming from us. And you haven’t got a clue as to what we’re actually doing. But when it arrives, it will be like my sack of wet noodles… You’ll immediately say of course. And those moments are what life is about. Experience your next “Ah-ha” moment with us. Don’t miss out!

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The 25 hour day

Life is hectic. More and more distractions to occupy the same 24 hours. Now in the military, you’re taught that if you didn’t accomplish a task and you had some sleep the night before, you didn’t manage your time properly. I would agree on a one-off basis – but when you’re overwhelmed day in and day out, you cannot just reduce your sleep time to zero and expect to be productive for very long.
Wouldn’t it be nice to add an extra hour to your day? Think of a corporation. Simply put, income equals revenues minus expenses. It can increase income by either increasing revenues or decreasing expenses, or a combination of both. Now, let’s equate ourselves to a corporation. Spare time (income) equals hours in a day (revenues) minus activities (expenses).
When looked at this way, you can see maximizing spare time is key. But unlike a corporation, you cannot increase the revenue portion (hours in a day) of the equation (you didn’t really think I had found a way to do that, did you?). So the only way to increase your income (spare time) is by reducing your expenses (activities). How do you do that? Look for incremental time savings in activities you do that are non-value added (i.e. that give you no pleasure or benefit but that you still must do).
Instead of updating contact information for all your contacts, have the contact do it for you.
Instead of trying multiple avenues to reach someone, have them tell you how to reach them.
Instead of having to send numerous notices to contacts (personal, professional, etc.) when your information changes, send one.
All little things. All akin to reduced expenses in a corporation. All increase your income. And all done by ranjeR.

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To the Point

Life simplified. And to the point.

Life = Youth + Career + Retirement
You want to minimize your Career score.
You want to maximize your Retirement score
You want to optimize your Youth score such that it minimizes your Career Score and maximizes your Retirement Score
If you spend too much time in your Youth, your Career might start later, thus shortening your Retirement even though you might have shortened your Career.
If you spend too little time in your Youth, you might start your Career sooner but it will be longer thus shortening your Retirement.
Remember, the goal is to always have the lowest Life – Retirement Score.

In other words, don’t waste your time searching directories, updating contact information or struggling to reach someone. Make it simple. Be on ranjeR.

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The Bubble Eyed Fish

The bubble eyed fish lives in a tank in a store in a city. He has been there by himself for weeks. Why you might ask? Why of all the bubble eyed fish, dozens of them, was he the last one left? Was it because his bubble eyes were not bubbly enough? Was it because his bubble eyes were too bubbly? Or maybe he was left there because his eyes were different sizes? All sad stories.

But what if he was left there because of his perfection? Regardless of what he looked like on the exterior, it was his inner superiority that allowed him to be the last bubble eyed fish swimming. You see, maybe all the other bubble eyed fish didn’t leave to go to a new home but maybe they left only to be flushed down the toilet? Another sad story (obviously not for the lone remaining bubble eyed fish but for all the other bubble eyed fish).

And finally, one more possibility. You see, there is a boy that goes into a store in a city every week. And every week, he stares at the tank. The tank with the bubble eyed fish. And when his parents come to get him, he points out the one he wants. Week after week. Slowly, the other bubble eyed fish go to new homes. Or down the toilet. Week after Week. And it seems the boy is destined to, one day, have that one particular fish given his sheer determination. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the parents relented.

So which is it. I bet on sheer determination folks. It’s what we’re about.

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The Power of Confusion

In Greenland, it’s all ice. In Iceland, it’s all green. Confusing? It all begins with thinking inside the box that has no walls. If the walls don’t exist, can it be said that you are thinking outside the box or thinking without the box. But isn’t thinking without the box just thinking? So if someone tells you to think outside the box, isn’t that a box without the walls which means you’re really just thinking and conforming to what everyone else is doing?

Now, getting back to the subject at hand, being the ultimate new tool to manage your life, i.e. ranjeR. Before ranjeR existed, no one knew it would exist. No one missed it. But everyone craved it. It’s like having paper lanterns hung from your ceiling. If they’re there, everyone will comment on them. If they’re not and never were (doesn’t mean they don’t exist), no one will miss them. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be there though (how’s that for the use of they’re, there and I forgot their ideas).

Let’s loop it together now (we’ve tried to move away from boxes and moved onto circular dimensions). Thinking outside of the box is just thinking. Not existing doesn’t mean it’s not missed, it’s just not known. So by thinking outside of the box, non-existence doesn’t necessarily mean coming into existence. But sometimes, things come out of nowhere (neither a box or a circle). Kinda like ranjeR.

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Surfer Dude

Picture a little boy in his post-toddler years running around during the summer with shoulder length wavy hair. Not girlishly long, but just long enough to give him the laid back, cool-dude look. Now fast-forward 20 years, with this little boy having become a man. He’s finished his schooling and has entered the professional workforce where he’s expected to conform in numerous ways.

One of the attributes of the professional world is that we have a uniform appearance, from standardized dress (think a suit or slacks and shirt) to properly groomed hair (think short). Our identities haven’t changed and yet we are coerced into losing our individuality and blending into what’s acceptable in order to appear professional.

Our lives are filled with unwanted changes that we accept. However, one thing we don’t have to change is our personal identifier, properly known as our name. But given there is no way to stake a claim on a given name, is it possible to stake a global presence for ourselves that uniquely identifies us on a global scale. Most electronic identities are disposable (i.e. email addresses, cell phone numbers, social media accounts, etc.) but shouldn’t one exist that will remain with us throughout our lives and easily identify us to others we might never have met in person (even though we have communicated with them)?

That identity is ranjeR. Think of it as a way to maintain your childhood hair throughout your life.

Unknown Risks

We live our lives day to day with certainty in some areas, uncertainty in other areas and lots of unknowns. These unknowns pose risks that we simply have not uncovered but exist nonetheless. A simple example of this type of simple unknown risk is discussed in today’s posting.

It used to be that our personal and professional lives co-existed independently, with overlap occurring only when we allowed it. Developments in technology have helped to eliminate this co-existence, bringing our worlds closer together. By embracing these changes whilst attempting to simplify our lives, many of us have unknowingly put ourselves at risk. This vulnerability, albeit not always visible, becomes glaringly obvious during critical events in our lives. Changes to one’s employment or relationship status create numerous challenges that need addressing; the last thing one needs to worry about through these difficult times is maintaining one’s contacts in the form of friends, relatives or business associates.

To efficiently manage one’s time, many have opted to maintain contacts via an employer provided contact manager, which is usually linked to one’s mobile device. No more employer, no more access to one’s contacts. Eliminating the risk requires the cumbersome and time-consuming exercise of maintaining two contact managers – personal and business, sometimes on two different devices. Given the vast number of contacts (and associated information) that needs updating and syncing, this solution simply isn’t viable for the majority of us.