Stop speaking and start leading!

Without leadership, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. Anyone can attack their enemies’ views. Few can convince their supporters to change their views. A leader can – a speaker can’t. I think you can guess which one the typical politician is.
”Trust us” they say, expecting us to blindly believe that they’ve learned from history and will not make the same mistakes again. But by blindly trusting, we end up repeating history. Human nature doesn’t change and the people we elect don’t change. Their names might be different, they might look different and they might express a different viewpoint – but their characteristics remain the same. All elected officials believe they are providing their supporters with what they want. They attack their enemies to please their supporters. But the one capability that is rarely seen is the willingness to be unpopular with their supporters so they can effectively lead.
Why do we believe and buy into the fact that a few elected officials, whom we only know through brief appearances, can actually do the job that is required? In this age of globalization and great achievement, with constant new discoveries and technologies, why has government not progressed? Why are we still using the same old methods to govern and, as a governed population, not demanding that government evolve? Why is it that private enterprise can evolve and become more efficient and yet we don’t demand the same of our governing bodies? Why do we elect speakers and not leaders?
Do the elected leaders understand that we want them to lead, to be creative and not just do more of the same, let alone move backwards? Tax the rich, don’t tax the rich – cut the entitlements, increase the entitlements – time passes by but the arguments don’t change. It shouldn’t take a year to figure out how to solve an economic crisis, whether in Asia or Europe or North America. We elected you to deal with these issues. Deal with them – and kicking the can down the road is not dealing with the issue!
Stop doing more of the same. You are the government we have chosen to lead us into the future. Evolve. Be creative. Be resourceful. We have put our trust in your abilities. Show us that you deserve it by doing your job.
Stop speaking and start leading!

The chicken and the egg (or popular and accepted)

Although doubtful the chickens or the eggs have ever given it any thought, humanity has spent much time pondering the question of which came first. It’s what we do as humans – create unanswerable questions that provide food for thought while we’re using the throne (that is before tablets came around). The scientific community, not to be left out, has gone as far as stating unequivocally, in July 2010, that it was indeed the chicken that came first given the proteins required to make an egg shell. Although scientists are extremely proud of themselves, it has not really provided a credible answer to the theoretical question.

The theoretical answer has important implications to the business world, especially when creating a new business that will require a critical mass of participants to become successful. The question of chicken or egg is akin to accepted or popular. Is it possible to determine the answer to either? Did a business / platform / idea become popular because it was accepted or did it become accepted because it was popular.

Of course the real answer to both questions are that the questions are irrelevant. In both instances, both options occur simultaneously, thus rendering the question of which came first unanswerable. If you have a chicken, by default you have the ability within the chicken to create an egg, thus the egg already exists. If you have an egg, by default you have a chicken in the egg, so again both come into existence at exactly the same moment. Essentially, by having the building blocks to create one within the other, you already have the other.

This is true in terms of popularity and acceptance of a business endeavour. By creating something that becomes popular, you’ve also created something that becomes accepted and the reciprocal is true. You simply can’t differentiate the the two because they both occur at the same time. Whether you measure popularity or acceptance as having one client or a billion clients, the answer is always the same.

So the real question is if popular and acceptance or chicken and egg come into existence concurrently and not consecutively, how do you actually make something come into existence that will satisfy this statement? Hmmmm…… We’ll have the answer shortly.