The Clock

What makes people change their mind? What makes them realize that their current direction isn’t so great and a change is warranted? Sometimes, a clock in a taxi can trigger the change while at other times, a 2 X 4 to the head still doesn’t provoke a change. For most, seeing the future isn’t an option. Or is it? Changing direction implies an incorrect original path further implying the ability to either see success with the new path or failure with the existing path. The result is the same – seeing the future.

Now, let’s discuss a quote from Dorothea Brande – “To guarantee success, act as if it were impossible to fail.” A very bold and powerful statement once it’s recognized that “act” is the key word. Clearly, advocating success through positive thinking was the intent but by ignoring the significance of “act”, most readers will miss the intent. The realm of possibilities always includes failure and its existence must be acknowledged. However, acknowledgement isn’t acceptance and it should just provide the alternative that drives behaviour in the proper direction. In other words, when undertaking any endeavour, recognizing that failure is a possibility even though we act as if it’s impossible is the only way to guarantee success.

So we can see the future, we can acknowledge the existence of failure and we can act as if failure were impossible. Which leads us back to the original question of what makes people change their minds? What provides the clarity to incite one to say “This is a bad idea”? Last night, it was the clock in the taxi on the way out the door at 1:00 in the morning. Tomorrow it will be something else. Meaning we can’t ignore the seemingly innocent and innocuous messages we’re constantly bombarded with. They’re all signals – they’re all key. And they all help us guarantee the success we’re looking for on the path we’ve voluntarily chosen in life.