Pepper and Burrito

So here’s a bit of ranjeR pumping to get the word out. Not typical of my recent blogs but figured I’d try and mix it up a bit and throw in a dash of habanero instead of cayenne (peppers for those of you who don’t like your food burning on the way in and on the way out).

Now, we’ve been pushing the availability (only contact manager in the world to have it), cloud based back-up and the reverse notifications (i.e it becomes your launcher for everything you do social). But what we haven’t had fun with yet is what happens when you change your name.

There are numerous reasons that can lead us to change our names. Some are legitimate, accepted purposes while others might be a bit more illicit (although if you’re in the witness protection program, you probably wouldn’t tell anyone what your old name is). And unless you’re a superstar (e.g. the artist formerly known as something else) trying to re-invent yourself, no one will figure out that the new you (meaning new name, not botox you) is the same as the old you (meaning old name, not age). And you end up disappearing in the world. Unless of course, you reach out to everyone in your multiple contact managers (i.e social media, work, school, etc, etc. etc. and still going), you simply cease to exist.

Take an example. Your name is Spicy Habanero. But you decide that Spicy Habanero is a bit too provocative a name so you decide to call yourself Spicy Cayenne. At work, you inform your HR department that you have changed your name to Spicy Cayenne and they update all the internal contact and email directories. Now also assume Big Burrito, who is a colleague of yours at the office but also a very very gooooood friend (WINK, WINK) loses his phone with all his personal contact information, including yours (the old Spicy Habanero). Big Burrito is throwing a wild party and would very much like for you to attend, but having lost his phone and not knowing your new name is unable to invite you and instead invites Black Beans. Tis a shame because burritos and peppers go together like, well, you know (not that burritos and beans don’t go together).

Now if Big Burrito and Spicy Cayenne (fka Habanero) were connected on ranjeR, they would have known about each others issue (name change and lost phone) regardless of the name change and lost phone. You see, just because you lose your phone, change your name, get a new email address or ditch a social media site, doesn’t mean you should also lose your contacts. But that seems to be what happens unless you spend a lot of time notifying people (those dreaded notifications again, leave me alone – especially the one for software updates on my Mac that won’t go away).

And that’s our value. We eliminate work for you. We keep you connected. No matter what. Pretty clean. Pretty Simple. And awesomely hot!

ranjeR on!

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