Selling your vision

How do you recognize that a newly launched product fulfills a need you aren’t even aware of? Innovation comes from identifying a need that fills a gap in current offerings and often times the general population isn’t even aware that the gap exists. I won’t bore you with examples as I’m sure all readers can come up with their own. But filling an unknown need is not as easy as it sounds.

I recently read a post talking about what the best advantage someone could have in starting a small burger stand. Most people responded that it would be the best meat, the best price, etc. But the real answer was a starving crowd – basically looking at the demand side of the curve instead of the supply side. But how do you look at the demand side when it doesn’t exist yet. How do you convince people that they need what you’re offering even though they don’t have the need yet?

The easy answer is patience. Just wait – similar to the Field of Dreams quote “If you build it, they will come”, gaining acceptance of a new product can sometimes be as simple as just waiting for the idea to catch on. The more difficult answer is selling your vision. That’s where great sales and marketing come into play. I’m not saying that using patience completely ignores sales and marketing techniques – what I’m saying is that gaining acceptance for your vision quickly comes from GREAT sales and marketing techniques.

We believe that ranjeR will become an example of a product fulfilling a need that was unknown; the need being a true personal communication management platform that is device and ecosystem independent. And we believe that we have patiently waited, while the product is finalized, for the idea to catch on. But now we are moving to the next level and are confident that we’ll be able to sell our vision. Wondering how? Stay tuned to find out.

As always, don’t be a stranjeR, be on ranjeR!

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