The stranjeR

What is a stranjeR you might ask? It’s not someone you don’t know or have never connected with because then it would just be spelled stranger. Basically, a stanjeR is someone who has contacted you via the telephone that you wish to keep track of but that you don’t necessarily want to add to your contact manager.

This can apply to the spam calls we all receive informing us we’ve won a free cruise, the telemarketers trying to sell us newspaper subscriptions or anyone else whose call you wouldn’t answer if you knew who was on the other end.

Additionally, a stranjeR can be your car dealership that calls you for maintenance, your cell phone company that you call often to complain about service or any other entity that calls you infrequently.

With a normal contact manager, you would have to add these to your contacts to identify them when they call you, which is not ideal and not the best way to manage your true contacts.

With the stranjeR feature on ranjeR, you can effortlessly add the number and a brief description of who the caller is. This keeps your contact list intact with only your real contacts and creates a separate stranjeR list that helps you identify the caller. Additionally, the stranjeR list is shared with all other ranjeR users, which will help create a global database of spam-type callers. Think of it as a crowd-sourced caller-ID feature that will reduce the ability of spammers/ telemarketers to get in contact with you.

Sound intriguing? We think so. And it’s just one of the reasons ranjeR is set to become a true communications manager.

As always, don’t be a stranjeR, be on ranjeR

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