Making it better

The weather can be an important source of lessons. Working with my kids, we spent about five hours building an impromptu snow fort right after the winter break using store purchased brick molds intended to help us build an igloo. The igloo didn’t turn out so well but we did build an awesome snow fort that had one entrance and was about four feet tall. The kids loved it and asked repeatedly if it would last through the winter. I told them we’d have to wait and see. Well, you can guess what happened. The entire next week, the weather was above freezing and I diligently took a picture each night showing the slowly disintegrating fort.


The kids weren’t thrilled and all I could do to pacify them was to say that we’ll make it better next time. Spending the next month without snow, the kids and I waited patiently for a snowfall that would allow us to try again. Well, that day finally happened on Thursday and we received about 33cm (13 inches) of fresh snow. After spending Saturday playing in the backyard, the kids asked if we could build a fort today.

Well, how could I say no? What started out as a small pile of snow that one of the kids was driving a little car on ended up being a mountain with two tunnels that crossed in the middle. At three of the tunnel ends, we built large rooms, two being bedrooms and one being a playroom. On the playroom, we built a slide out of snow and a doorway so that they’re not forced to crawl through a tunnel to enter. Needless to say, it’s a thousand fold improvement. And we didn’t even use the bricks, we only used shovels…. It was a fantastic way to waste five hours.


And a great way to teach. The kids learned lots. How to build. How to improvise. And most importantly, that just because things don’t always go as planned, you need to be optimistic and believe the best is yet to come. Continually improving who we are and what we do is part of life. And karma always plays a big part. Be good and ranjeR on!

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