The flying car

I remember watching The Flintstones and The Jetsons as a child and being fascinated at the differences between the two periods depicted. I was also keen to see the world of the future unfold, especially the flying cars. We even had a flying car shown to us in the shape of a Delorean in Back To The Future, when Doc travelled to the year 2015.

With all the technology we’ve come up with though, still no flying car. Why is that? We’ve been flying for close to a century now and have made loads of progress in terms of the automobile so why haven’t we been able to abandon our roads and take to the air to eliminate traffic? In one simple statement, government regulations and social media.

When cars were first invented, there were not dozens of government bureaucracies dictating bumper height, fuel economy, five mph crash tests, etc., etc. So inventors were free to pursue their desires and create road travel. Now imagine trying to start a car company today. Unless you have a bank account in the nine to ten figure range or have some deep pockets backing you, there is no way you could do it. Try tinkering around in your garage and coming up with a new vehicle and then try to get it licensed for road use. Hardly a chance you can get it done, and even if you succeeded in getting approval for personal use, you’d then need to build almost a hundred and subject them to all types of government testing before receiving approval to sell it.

So we as a society are left gridlocked on our roads during most hours of the day instead of being able to use our skies. But we’re resilient beings and our desire to avoid traffic in some ways prompted the invention of social media. We no longer have to visit our friends and family to stay in touch with their lives. We simply communicate with them over the myriad of social media networks and never have to leave our homes. We feel connected with them, take part in their special moments and feel connected and included. But rarely see them in person.

So it seems we’ve solved our traffic problems without the flying car. Traffic will decrease as the upcoming generations reach adulthood and choose wireless, instant and digitized communication instead of live, face-to-face interaction. We all become zeroes and ones and we won’t need the flying car. Sad, eh? Especially if your kids are asking you to help them create a flying car. Be good and ranjeR on.

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